Friday, February 27, 2015

Interview with a 6-year-old big sister

On Monday afternoon, my fourth grandbaby was born into this world. Robyn Lee is a tiny little baby, weighing just 5 lbs. 5 oz. at birth. We're not quite sure how that happened, since her mommy is not a smoker and took good care of herself throughout the pregnancy (organic prenatal vitamins, lots of healthy food, etc.). Anyway, she's small but perfect. 

Robyn joins big sister, Laura, and not-so-big sister, Marley (who won't be 2 until the end of April). On Wednesday, I picked Laura up from kindergarten as her mommy and baby sister were settling in at home. The two of us went out to lunch and I asked her if I could interview her on what it's like having another baby sister. She obliged.

Unfortunately, she didn't say anything especially witty or revealing. Basically, she said she was happy about Robyn, couldn't wait for her to be able to play, and was super happy that Mommy was home from the hospital. While her daddy did an excellent job of taking care of her and getting her to school on time, dressed in coordinated outfits and all, she still missed her mom. I know how that feels. 

Only time will tell whether or not Laura will remain positive about this new addition to the family. Her mommy's going to be awfully busy taking care of the younger two, which means Laura will be on her own at times. At least the lines of communication are open between the two of us. As precious as this new little baby is, there are still two older sisters to watch out for. And you can count on Grandma to do just that.

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  1. Grandmas are the perfect ones to step in and make sure that older siblings aren't left out! When I had my second baby (a preemie), my mom came and stayed with us for a week. She took Big Sis out to the movies and out for lunch. They had a great time together, and it was a really good way to transition.

    Congrats on the newest addition to your family!

  2. Thanks. Being an involved grandma is such a privilege.


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