Friday, April 25, 2014

Tips to Avoid Toxic Chemicals Before, During, and After Pregnancy

It's Friday's Instead of This, Use This. Today, I want to guide you to an excellent resource that will give you tips on how to replace toxins with safe and natural alternatives.

This fact sheet is courtesy of Women's Voices for the Earth and can be accessed by clicking here.

Here are some highlights:

* Make your own cleaning products

* Avoid synthetic fragrance

* Make over your personal care

* Go "BPA-Free"

* Turn down the heat on non-stick cookware

* Avoid exposure to paint

* Pass on pesticides

* Skip certain beauty services

* Minimize household dust

Here is their list of some chemicals of concern which have been detected in pregnant women's bodies and/or breastmilk:

* Bispenol-A: receipts, canned foods

* Flame retardants (PBDEs): furniture, electronics, foam-padded baby products

* Triclosan: antibacterial cleaners, antibacterial handsoap

* Benzophenones: sunscreens

* Pesticides: food, insect repellents, lawn chemicals

* Phthalates and synthetic musks: fragrance, cosmetics, air 
fresheners, scented cleaners

* PFOAs: non-stick cookware

* Parabens: personal care products

Learn more about avoiding these toxins by clicking here. Then you'll be better equipped for saying, "Instead of this, I'm using this."

Keeping it green and healthy,


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