Friday, November 1, 2013

VF -- When things get a little sticky


My husband was doing some repairs last weekend which involved using some rather strong cement glue. As he rushed past me, I knew something was wrong. He'd spilled the glue on his hand.

"Quick! Get on your computer and find out what takes CA40 glue off skin." 

He was in a panic. As I heard him run down the stairs to the basement to wash his hands, I powered up my laptop and Googled a solution. Guess what it was -- VINEGAR! Yep. As he was washing with soap,   water, and mineral spirits to no avail, I joined him in the by the laundry tub and told him about the vinegar. He poured some distilled white vinegar over his hands and watched as the glue softened. Using a soft-bristled brush, he scrubbed for a bit, then repeated the process -- vinegar, scrub brush, rinse . . . vinegar, scrub brush, rinse. 

And it worked!

Lesson learned -- the next time someone in your family super glues their fingers together (or anything like that), grab the DWV! It was painless and effective.

Another shout out for SUPER VINEGAR! How's that for a VF post?

Keeping it green, and less sticky, with vinegar,


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