Monday, February 18, 2013

Fracking, bottled water and Keurig cups... not seeing eye-to-eye

I'm frustrated. Yesterday, I had a "discussion" with someone at church about the wastefulness of Keurig cups. He actually said to me, "My throwing 5 cups in the trash every day is not going to have any kind of impact on the environment." What? Let's see. If he throws 5 cups in every day, that comes out to 1825 cups/year of plastic cups full of coffee grounds into the landfill. Had he used a biodegradable filter or a refillable Keurig cup, he could have tossed the grounds and filter into a compost pile and nourished the earth rather than purposefully harming it. Now, multiply his use of Keurig cups with the hundreds of thousands (millions perhaps) of others who are doing the same thing! Yeah, no environmental impact whatsoever... who thinks this way?! Then he went on to tell me how environmentalists are just out to make money. That labeling something "green" or "organic" is just a money-making scheme. I chose to walk away from the conversation. I don't go to church to argue with people. Later, he came up to me and hugged me and said, "You know I love you, right?" Sure. Too bad he doesn't love this magnificent earth that God entrusted to us as much.

The second conversation continued with a comment about bottled water. I agreed with the stupidity of bottled water, but still we were on different pages. Personally, I stay away from unfiltered tap water. He thinks tap water is fine, and again, it's a money making scheme. Not that we delved that far into that conversation yesterday, but I've heard it before. I simply said I don't want to put unnecessary chemicals in my body. I have filtered water in my fridge and a water cooler in my office. 

And then there's the friend who blogged about fracking a couple of weeks ago. He actually challenged that if you care about organic farming and the environment, you should support hydraulic fracking. Yeah... I'll jump right on that.

You know what upset me about his challenge? He wrote it as if to say those who don't support fracking do not really care about the environment. That got my blood boiling. He bought into the lies of the documentary FrackNation. I love how people will say it's the environmentalists who are all about making money through their deception, but they don't realize the HUGE amounts of money the other side is making by not being environmental. Can anyone say "Monsanto"?!?! How about "Marcellus Shale"?!?! What part of this are they not getting?? Oh yeah, and Keurig isn't making a dime producing over-priced coffee in little plastic cups which will stay in the landfills for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Don't tell ME about who's out to make money!! 

Okay, now I'm heated. Overheated, in fact. I am so tired of being lumped into a label of people who only care about money. Give me a break! It's the other side that's profiting from destroying the earth. But hey, as long as people can have their conveniences and not face the destruction of the earth and its atmosphere that are STARING THEM IN THE FACE, what difference does it make. Right?

So, did anyone else wonder about the meteor in Russia or the giant asteroid that came precariously close to Earth last week? Maybe there's something to all this atmospheric change stuff after all... what do you think?


  1. I love your passion, Hana. And it's frustrating when people don't see things the way you do and label you in hurtful ways. For me, caring about the earth and green living and all of creation has been a process. God has been transforming me. There are harmful things I would have labeled "okay" years ago. I'm grateful for His grace in the process. And sometimes the best thing you can do is to keep doing what you feel is right, fighting the good fight. You won't convince everyone, but you are an inspiration to many.

    1. Thank you, Lisa! I needed to hear that today. And as far as the process goes... I'm with you. I just told Bill a little while ago that I probably would have gone the Keurig route a few years ago myself. Although the cost is ridiculous, so maybe not. Anyway, I'm learning new things every week and changing the way I live bit by bit.


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