Friday, December 18, 2009

A season of busyness

Lately I've been busy. Most likely, anyone reading this can ditto that statement. By profession, I am a writer, editor and a voiceover talent. This month has been fraught with lots of technical difficulties with my recording equipment and computers. Not fun. As a result, I've spent countless hours trying to be a tech person, when quite honestly, I'm pretty much illiterate when it comes to the technical side of what I do. Just plop me behind a mic and I can do my thing. It's dealing with the tech issues that causes me to consider a change in career from time to time...and lately, more so than ever.

That said, I must apologize for not being as consistent as I like to be with my daily posts. As I sit here yawning, I realize that once again, I won't be posting anything of any value to you tonight. However, if you've never had the opportunity to read all my posts, or if somehow you just stumbled upon my blog and this is your first visit, scan the titles of my prior posts and pick a couple to read.

I'll be posting more consistently after the holidays...I promise. And sometime within the week I'm even going to post a piece of fiction for you. It may not have anything to do with living a greener or healthier life, but it is a Christmas story I'm hoping you'll enjoy. And I might even throw in a poem or two as the days go by.

So please stay tuned....and if you have any suggestions for future blogs or future guests, please let me know.

Enjoy your busyness.


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