Friday, August 21, 2009

It's not all about diapers

I'm hoping my first blog entry didn't scare some of you disposable diaper users off. That certainly wasn't my intent. I have some very good friends who use disposable diapers :-)

While I will be posting info about cloth diapers, I'll also be adding other baby-related content about the dangers of BPA in babies' bottles, etc. While the articles I write may not all pertain to the green part of my blog, they will often pertain to the grandma part.

Somedays I won't write anything pertaining to babies at all. Occasionally, you may find me just blogging for blogging's sake. After all, I am a writer because it's my passion. It's what I do. Perhaps I'll sneak it a link to a magazine article I've written or even post a silly poem or two.

One thing I can promise is that every day will be different. Sometimes I'll attempt to inform and other days I'll attempt to entertain. And if we're all lucky, maybe I'll even manage to do a little bit of both.

I'm off now to spend some time with my love, Bill, the one who first made me aware of environmental concerns, by the way. He's been recycling since long before recycling was cool and makes the title "Green Grandpa" least for me.

Keeping it green,


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