Tuesday, September 20, 2016

When stress builds up, it's time to do something about it. #stressless

Twenty-six years ago, I was thrown from a horse and broke my back in two places. That alone would cause a fair amount of stress, but when adding in my circumstances at the time, the stress barometer hit an all time high. You see, I was widowed one year before and was raising two small children alone. Not only that, I didn't have any family living close by to help. As a matter of fact, my mother lived closest to me at 250 miles away. Not a good time in my life.

Sometimes when I'm extremely stressed, I try to look back to that year and am comforted somewhat in knowing I survived. The stress did not win. I did.

How about you? Do you ever look back on your life and think, "Wow. How did I ever survive that?"

This past summer was one of my worst. The previous months included several deaths of family members and friends. The deaths continued throughout the summer months, with the latest being my aunt on September 8th. Enough! My husband's heart attack on June 4th threw us off in many ways. Like I said, it was a bad summer. My stress levels have been through the roof. Normally, I spend time out in nature to de-stress, but quite honestly, for the majority of the summer, it was just too hot. I was indoors in the air conditioning more often than not, and I missed my usual summer time spent on my back porch watching the birds, butterflies, squirrels, and deer. That certainly added to my lousy summer. Now, as I look forward to fall, the weather remains oppressively hot (mostly because of the humidity). "Cut me a break!" I want to scream at no one in particular. Yes, I'm stressed and grouchy. 

However, I would be even more stressed and grouchy if it weren't for a couple of my favorite Hyland's Homeopathic items. For instance, I've been taking some of their Calms Forte to help me sleep at night. During the day, I occasionally reach for their Nerve Tonic. Both products work to lighten my mental overload. They help me to relax. And since they're natural and homeopathic, I'm not polluting my body with pharmaceutical remedies. 

I wish I could take comfort in knowing that more than 70% of Americans suffer from stress, but I don't. I wish I were in the minority here. 

Hyland's recognizes the problem and wants to help. On Monday, September 26, 2016, they are launching Hyland's 5-Day Stress Challenge. There are going to be some great prizes for 1,000 participants Monday through Friday that week. Click here to join in the challenge and learn new ways to effectively deal with stress.

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So... how do you stress less?


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