Saturday, September 3, 2016

Summer 2016, I bid you a not-so-fond adieu

September settles in, welcomed. The summer was brutal. From a heart attack to oppressive heat to estrangement to loss. Summer 2016, I bid you a not-so-fond adieu. There are words for how I feel about you, but I will let them bounce off the walls of my brain rather than sharing them here on screen. They are not kind words.

I'm giving September a bit of grace to shake off the effects of the summer, as there are lingering unpleasantries. After all, Labor Day marks the official end of it all, right? I welcome the cooler temps and hope/pray for calmer weather in my heart. Over these past few months, there have been times my heart has been pounded onto the rocky shores, propelled by huge waves outside of my control. And I hurt. I bear scars and bruises, not quite healed. Scabs ripped open time and time again.

If I've been distant, my friends, there are reasons. 

But thank you for sticking around, for praying, for caring. The seas will calm. A gentler sun will shine. And my smile will eventually not be wet from tears. 

It will not be wet from tears.


  1. I'm sorry to hear your summer was a difficult one. Same for us, too -- for some of the same reasons and some different. September's weather is showing itself to be calmer and cooler. May the new season of fall bring better days for both of us.

    1. We can only hope, Melissa... Wishing you the best.


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