Friday, January 16, 2015

A spill, a generous heart, and a bat in the basement

A few things happened this week that are worthy of mention. I shared these things on Facebook, but since many of you miss my FB posts, I thought they were worthy of a blog post.

First, my 4 YO grandson, Lincoln, got two green thumbs up from me on Wednesday. He was in the kitchen and made a mess. Rather than calling for his mommy to clean it up, he opened a drawer and pulled out every kitchen towel and rag. Every one of them. And he gave cleaning up his best effort. Of course, his mommy had to help him out in the end, but Linc tried, which is important. That's not the main point of my green thumbs up, however. 

Can you figure out why I'm so proud of him?

He used cloth towels! While many children and adults alike reach for the roll of paper towels when there is a spill, my grandson opted for cloth. Go Linc!

Second, my 6 YO granddaughter, Laura, made me cry yesterday after her teacher pulled her daddy aside to talk to him about Laura. Uh oh. Well, it turns out that the lovely little Lady Laura has been taking money to school each day and distributing it into other kindergarteners' cubbies. When asked, she explained that she's been taking money out of her piggy bank and giving it, anonymously (or so she thought) to other children she perceived needed it more than she did. 

Third, I have to brag a bit about myself. Yesterday morning greeted me with a bat in the basement. Not a baseball bat. Nope. It was the flying kind. After phone calls and much consideration, I went down to the basement, followed by my husband, and I caught the bat! I cupped a plastic container (good to know there is something useful about them) over the bat and held it tightly against the wall. Then, and only then, did my husband get close enough to slip a cookie sheet between the bat and the wall, and we carried it outside and let it go. 

It didn't fly away as expected, however. It just remained splayed on the lawn, with its 10" wingspan spread, hissing and showing off its tiny fangs. It was not a happy camper. My husband was concerned that we'd hurt its wings and it couldn't fly, but I think it just didn't like being out on the cold ground with the sun shining brightly in its face. Finally, Bill took a long stick and poked at the little guy. That was all it took for him to take flight. We cringed when it headed for our neighbors' open garage, but then it boomeranged and headed back toward us. Of course, our garage door was open, too, and we feared for a repeat occurrence. Again, it turned before entering the garage and we watched as it flew out of sight. I hope the little guy found a nice dark corner somewhere, other than in someone else's house!

While some people may have opted for killing the bat, we just wanted to make sure we gave it a chance to live. Will it survive in the cold? I don't know. I thought they hibernated at this time of the year. But at least we did the most humane thing we could think of to do. 

And those are my stories to wrap up this week. Do you have any proud moments of your own to share? I'd love to hear them. 


  1. We had bats a few times in the house when we were first married. They scared me with their flying, but my husband would catch them too and let them go. My kids know where all our rags are too. We do use paper towels-- but only for mirrors/glass, so the kids never think of them to wipe up spills--we have way too many spills! We'd be going through rolls of paper towels like crazy!

    1. Good for you for teaching your kids not to waste paper towels, Tammy! If you ever want a good replacement for them for windows and glass, I highly recommend Norwex Envirocloths and polishing clothes. You just use water and the windows never streak. It's so easy to do, that I actually wash windows for relaxation sometimes!


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