Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Review it Wednesday -- What does my daughter think of Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash?

I am happy to have my very favorite guest reviewer posting her thoughts today. Knowing I was sick (I have pneumonia) and have an insanely busy schedule over the next couple of weeks, my daughter, Bethany, offered to do a review of one of her favorite products for kids. Neither she, nor I, were compensated or received free product for this review. It's just her honest opinion about a product she buys regularly. So, let's virtually hop in the tub with my grandson, Lincoln, and see what bath time is like when Earth Mama Angel Baby joins in.

Bath time in this house is always a fun time. Since he was a tiny baby, Lincoln has never refused a bath or shower. I've never known a kid so excited about the water! Not having to fight bath time is a blessing, but what isn't so fun is worrying about what I'm putting on Lincoln's skin. 

I knew very early on before I became a mom that there was toxic crap out there marketed as "safe" for our babies. Luckily, my mom is Green Grandma and knew just what I could use. She introduced me to Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash made by Earth Mama Angel Baby. I check out all products we use on EWG's cosmetic database and I'm happy to say this product rates a zero-out-of-ten for toxins!! Tell me how many products you use that rate a zero! I know not many do. It's pretty impressive. 

Here's what EMAB says about their safe wash:

Angel Baby Shampoo & Body Wash is gentle Calendula Orange and Vanilla castile soap that's pure and mild enough to cleanse even delicate baby skin and hair. USDA certified made with organic oils. It's free from synthetic foaming agents, sulfates, preservatives, dyes and fragrances. Just pure, clean wash for every body! 
I have the 5.3 fl oz bottle that claims to put out over 300 pumps. I feel like we are getting way more than that!! It only takes us 2-3 pumps to wash Lincoln's hair and whole body. It makes the higher price tag totally worth it. One thing that is different about using this safe product is that you have to make sure it doesn't get in the eyes. It's not tear-free and that's a good thing! From what I've researched, these "tear-free" products use eye anesthetizing agents: synthetic alkyl polyethoxylates and/or alkyl phenol polyethoxylates are added to anesthetize the eye so the sting of the shampoo ingredients is not felt. These alkyl ingredients can temporarily numb the eye. They are also used in pesticide products to anesthetize insects and they can penetrate the skin and cause organ toxicity in people. The dangerous, almost cruel part of this is, since the infant’s or child’s eyes are temporarily slightly numbed, they don’t feel or react to any negative effect this shampoo ingredient could be having on their eyes, and who knows what it's doing to their body.  What?? Yeah, they don't say all this on the bottle!! 

Lincoln and I are so happy we found a toxin-free product that not only works, but that we both love! If you are looking for a safe line of products for you and your children, check out Earth Mama Angel Baby's full line. They have tons of great stuff!!

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