Monday, October 26, 2009

Apathy...or is it?

I don't get it. What, exactly, is so difficult about recycling? Does it really take that much more effort to deposit a plastic bottle or aluminum can in the recycling bin rather than the trash can? Is bundling up your newspapers and taking them to a paper recycling receptacle all that difficult?

There are approximately 44 million newspapers dumped in the landfills every week in the United States. It takes 500,000 trees to produce that many papers and we thoughtlessly toss them out. Why? I must admit, I'm completely baffled by all of this.

Perhaps it's not indifference, but rather ignorance that perpetuates this vicious cycle. Until I wrote an article about battery disposal, I always tossed my dead batteries in the trash. I wasn't being lazy or self-centered, I just didn't know any better. That's the biggest perk of my having this blog...I learn so much. It's my goal to pass some of this info on to you and, hopefully, teach you something new that will change your habits. Then you can tell someone else about it and they can start doing their part for the environment as well. Little things lead to bigger things. A handful of people can become a crowd. As my minister said in his sermon today, it just takes a little bit on the part of everyone.

So, maybe rather than getting frustrated with people's supposed apathy, I should just plod on...learning, sharing, doing. Those are my thoughts for today.

Keeping it green,


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