Monday, July 6, 2015

Ask Green Grandma online and off!

I have exciting news to share! My Ask Green Grandma column is now appearing in both Green Child Magazine (online) and Freedom Farms Magazine. How awesome is that? 

If you're familiar with the show, Farm Kings, you'll recognize the Lisa King and her crew from Freedom Farms. As it turns out, long before I knew anything about the show, I met Pete King and some of his brothers at local Pittsburgh area Farmers Markets. They had the best corn around, and eventually I sought them out and eventually started buying produce only from them. 

After my daughter moved to Gibsonia, PA, we discovered that the Freedom Farms Farmers Market was several miles north on Route 8, so we started going there. On one particular visit, I spoke with Lisa (Mama) King and told her about this blog and gave her a copy of my book, Vinegar Fridays. As it turns out, she loved it, and enthusiastically told me so several times now. 

That's what led to Ask Green Grandma being featured in their magazine. My daughter brought me a copy yesterday, and I was thrilled to discover I made the cover. THE COVER! Additionally, there is a nice ad for Vinegar Fridays on the last page and the column itself is a nice 2-page spread. Sometimes it pays to give things away.

I'm hoping that my book will soon be available in their store as well, so if you stop in, ask if it's there yet. 

If you're local, you can purchase the magazine directly from the Kings at area Farmers Markets, at the Donut Shop, Sandwich Shop, and Freedom Farms Farmers Market. Or you can subscribe (click here) and have all that Farm Kings' yumminess sent to your home. With features like Ask Farmer Tim, Ask Farmer Pete AND Ask Green Grandma, how can you go wrong?

Editor-in-Chief Joe King, along with Senior Writer and Photographer Kate Stapleton and Graphic Designer Jenna Dascanio do a phenomenal job putting together an informative and visually appealing publication. And, of course, they demonstrate great taste. They included my column after all!

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